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Jakarta, LSPR Campus, Wednesday 14th May, 2014 – A new adventure for Creative Center has commenced one the very day. London School of Public Relations, the Jakarta-based High Education institute, offers many programmes for its students, including the very well thought LSPR Career Centre Corporate Strategic Partners programme. This programme has been developing partnerships with major firms. These alliances manifest a strategic determination to adopt an overall group-to-group approach that is advantageous for students, alumni and employers. This programme places highly qualified and skillful students and graduates who have the full capacity for success in the highly competitive employment market, thus, assurance is provided as they can confidently embrace upon their chosen professional careers with the knowledge that will be well received and beneficial by the industry. Creative Center is certainly content to be a part of this programme.

During the signing ceremony between LSPR and Creative Center, seven other firms were also present to sign for their alliances with the educational institute. Two of the company partners are categorized under hospitality, Le Meridien Indonesia and The Hermitage Hotel. Several media based companies, unsurprisingly joined in to collaborate too; these companies are Bisnis Indonesia - daily newspaper and journal on Indonesia’s economic scope, Mivo TV - Indonesia’s first and live local TV streaming website. Two companies provide services, one is Anglo Info, discovered in France, it is a website based business that caters to giving expats informative information on living abroad, followed by Vista International Corporation (VIC) - an education company that provides consultation about studying overseas. Lastly, LSPR teamed up with one retail company, PT. Trans Retail Indonesia – Carrefour.

Signing Ceremony for Joint Partnership Programme between London School of Public Relations and Creative Center

This exciting collaboration with the vastly rising educational institute, London School of Public Relations (LSPR), will hopefully bring in a completely new set of opportunities and experiences on the table. Especially since Ms. Uti Rahardjo, the founder of Creative Center is known for her active roles within the women education realm and women empowerment community. Despite her busy schedule in running her company, she’s also active as the current President of ILUNI Psikologi UI. Additionally, her candidacy as one of the finalists of The Ernst and Young: Entrepreneurial Winning Women 2011, manifested her concerns regarding women empowerment. It was through this very important involvement that she first got connected with Ms. Prita Kemal Gani, the founder of LSPR.

Founder and Managing Director of Creative Center, Ms. Uti Rahardjo exchanged and shook hands with London School of Public Relations’ Head of Career Centre, Ms. Candy Hernandez.

From left to right: Mivo Representative, Ms. Uti Rahardjo (Creative Center), Mr. Robert Hogenstijn (Le Meridien), The staff representatives of CIV, Carrefour, Bisnis Indonesia, Mr. Mario Vau (Anglo Info), and lastly, Mr. Slamet Widodo (The Hermitage Hotel).

The participants and collaborators of the programme, alongside the rest of the members of London School of Public Relations family; ranging from their members of staff, to the highly qualified and best selected students of the institue.

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