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[Archive] The Ernst & Young Entrepreneurial Winning Women Program Meeting 2014

Jakarta, 17th March 2014 – In the last five years, Ernst & Young Indonesia has been celebrating Indonesia’s top women entrepreneurs under their annual Ernst & Young Entrepreneurial Winning Women (EY EWW) awards. A program specially designed to scale up the high potential businesses founded by prominent women entrepreneurs.

According to this year’s program meeting at the Financial Club, graha CIMB, EY raised and highlighted the importance of “Scaling up” in women entrepreneurship as the program’s main theme. By “scaling up”, the three factors that EY highlighted are: think big, role models and networking.

To illustrate these important elements, EY invited several prominent figures as the keynote speakers: Jongki Widjaja (Ernst & Young Indonesia) Svida Alisjahbana (CEO of the Femina group), Yulia Astuti (Owner of Moz5 Salon Muslimah), Yanty Isa (Founder and business owner of MagFood Inovasi Pangan), and Susanna Hartawan (Managing Director of NBO Indonesia).

Uti Rahardjo, founder of Creative Center Indonesia; who is an alumni for the award in 2011, attended the programme meeting, alongside other alumnus who are fellow successful women entrepreneurs. Each of them excels in different fields depending on their expertise, interests and their contributions to women empowerment in Indonesia.

The EY Entrepreneurial Winning Women identifies and connects a selected group of women entrepreneurs with the advisors, resources, insights they need to accelerate the growth of their businesses.

Having strong social and professional networks boost the opportunity to expand the business, such as by easing the access to information, financing, business leads, professional support and collaboration with new investors.



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