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Political Update: Commemorating the Indonesian election 2014' An event by ILUNI FISIP UI

Jakarta, 19 March 2014 – ILUNI FISIP UI held a limited discussion, entitled “Political Update: The road towards the Public Indonesian election 2014", which aims to provide a holistic messages and ideas through identifying the various indicators of success of the 2014 election. This is done by referring to the various components of the nation to have a dialogue, exchange ideas and share insights as a form of showing how much we care about our beloved nation.

The Public and Presidential Election itself is one of the pillars of democracy as well as a vehicle for generating the embodiment of popular sovereignty in democratic governance. The upcoming government resulting from the election are expected to have strong legitimacy and can hold the trust of the people. Similarly the Pemilu (Pemilihan Umum or public election) is a great significance in the development of a nation such as Indonesia.

The guest speakers who were present at the event were significant figures in the political scope of Indonesia, namely; Father Antonius Benny Susetyo (Pastor and Activist), Sukardi Rinakit (Political Observer), Effendi Gazali (Communications Expert), Ray Rangkuti (Director of Civil Circle for Indonesia). Each of them stimulated and gave interesting insights on the current political situations.

Raising awareness is crucial in building a much more democratic, dialogically open and developed nation. Hence, in this event, ILUNI FISIP did not just limit itself to the representatives of Social and Political academic disciplines from University of Indonesia; but they also expanded the guests to other significant disciplines; such as psychology. In the hope that this notable meeting would create a sense of togetherness within the spectrums of the Indonesian society.



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